One Drop

One Drop

Midnight Raid, Jethro Jeremiah & The Soulmates

Fri, December 14, 2012

8:00 pm

Red Devil Lounge

$10.00 - $20.00

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This event is 21 and over

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One Drop
One Drop
One Drop, (heavily influenced by Steel Pulse and The Police), has a captivating sound filled with melodic choruses, catchy guitar riffs, up beat rhythms and driving bass lines. Lyrical topics include economic/social hardships, heartbreaks, love songs, sunny days and the ups and downs of day-to-day lifeā€¦

Over the past 3 years, One Drop has developed a huge following and a reputation as a "Must See Act". The band performs live shows with incredible energy that drives the crowed into frenzy and packs the dance floor.

In March 2007, One Drop released its first self produced CD (EP) and in May 2008 followed up with the release of their full length Debut CD "Mission Blvd". Both are currently climbing the charts in sales/downloads and getting excellent reviews. Currently, the band has a busy Summer schedule, packed with several regional and local (San Diego) show dates and is eager for more opportunities to tour other cities and States.
Midnight Raid
Midnight Raid
Inspired by the unfiltered styles of artists like Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse and John Browns Body, friends Graham Roggli (drums) and Benjamin Garcia Candelaria (vocals/guitar) wanted to offer a musical outlet for current socio-political disdain and to reflect the diverse culture of their home state of California. To help create the sound that was to become Midnight Raid, they enlisted reggae veteran John Baker, bass player from the band Lucky Dub and environmental activist from Washington D.C. Baker's aggressive bass lines give MNR a distinctive tone that gets the audience moving. Shortly after, Midnight Raid found Vimalier Reyes-Oritz, a classically trained keyboardist from Puerto Rico. "V," as he is often called, offers salsa and montuno rhythms and melodies that diversify the band's sound. The most recent addition to the band is lead guitarist, Lenny Crammer. A Tennessee native, Crammer adds his unique approach of using "soundscaping" to the voice of Midnight Raid. One can hear dynamic guitar swells underneath the lyrics and colorful leads soaring over the rhythm.

Pulling from a breadth of influences, Midnight Raid has created a refreshing original sound for the times we live in. While staying true to the spirit of the reggae genre, the band focuses on offering a number of musical experiences in every song by adding tastes of rock, funk, soul, punk and latin styles. The band's eclectic sound translates into an exciting live show, and mixed with themes of economic, social, and environmental justice, Midnight Raid is bringing audiences to a higher level of consciousness.
Jethro Jeremiah & The Soulmates
Jethro Jeremiah & The Soulmates
Jethro was born in Mendocino, California at a convention for midwives. As a young boy he moved to Maryland and spent several years enjoying life on The Farm in Tennessee - one of the country's oldest and most successful communes.

He grew up in a family that loved to sing, and began performing in plays and musicals in high school. He moved to San Francisco around the age of twenty and started writing songs.

Jethro's distinctive music often has a reggae feel, while his voice is that of a soul singer. His songs come from the heart and his lyrics have more than a passing acquaintance with the street, which is where Jethro first really began to sing.

He started out playing his songs in Haight Ashbury. For several years he was a regular attraction on Haight Street. It was as if he felt compelled to share his beautiful voice and his song-writing talents. In fact, before he took up guitar, you'd find Jethro out on the street singing and shaking one of those "percussion" eggs.

While it's not easy to get noticed on Haight Street, people have ears and things began to happen.

One passerby had connections in the local music business. This chance encounter resulted in an invitation to play the lounge at The Fillmore. Another meeting on the street, this time with an English film crew, led to Jethro's mucic being featured on a uk tv-special about the Burning Man festival.

Around the same time, Jethro formed a band and landed a weekly gig at Storyville, playing every Thursday in the spacious backroom of what had once been a jazz club. This gig turned into a six month 'residency' that is still remembered by 'fans from the early days'.

Storyville helped Jethro build an ever-growing following of loyal fans. This fanbase nominated the band for an SF Weekly 'Whammy Award', and continued support resulted in appearances at festivals and clubs throughout California.

"My sound just comes to me naturally, and I'm sure my influences such as Bob Marley, Motown, R&B and Tracy Chapman show through."

In 2002 Jethro's song Hotchkiss Street won the online Make A Star contest, while his voice gained him the honour of opening a summer show for Ray Charles. Jethro has showcased at Great American Music Hall and he and his band have delivered impressive performances at festivals throughout California and beyond.

While Jethro's writing is evolving over time, his music still finds inspiration in reggae. Jethro's musical stance is comparable to contemporary bands who pick and mix from different kinds of rock music. Jamaican music has different styles, periods and influences. So in addition to the island rhythms of ska and rocksteady, you'll find Jethro's songs are also informed by R&B, gospel and, of course, soul music.

Jethro's band is fully capable of expressing and embellishing his music. Top drummer Lou Neuburger and Kim Hart-Poindexter on bass form the crucial backbone of the music. Ryan Tatarian adds flavour on the keys, and contributes stellar backing vocals behind Jethro. Steve Munger adds rhythmic punch and melody on tenor and soprano saxophones.
Venue Information:
Red Devil Lounge
1695 Polk St
San Francisco, CA, 94109