Missing Persons & Special Guests @ The Great Northern

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Missing Persons & Special Guests @ The Great Northern

DJ Omar (Popscene)

Sat, December 29, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Great Northern

$28.50 - $31.50

This event is 21 and over







Missing Persons
Missing Persons
Famed as much for their video-ready space-age image as for their music, the Los Angeles-based New Wave outfit Missing Persons formed in 1980, a year after the marriage of singer Dale Bozzio and her drummer husband Terry. A onetime member of Frank Zappa's backing band, Terry Bozzio met the former Dale Consalvi (an ex-Playboy Bunny) at a Hollywood recording studio; after founding Missing Persons -- initially dubbed U.S. Drag -- the couple recruited fellow Zappa alumni Warren Cuccurullo on guitar and Patrick O'Hearn on bass, and with classically-trained keyboardist Chuck Wild in tow, they began playing area clubs.
In 1981, the band released its self-titled debut EP; after signing to Capitol, the label reissued the record in 1982, and the singles "Words" and "Destination Unknown" both nearly hit the Top 40. Their videos also helped Missing Persons find success on the fledgling MTV network, where Dale Bozzio's hiccuping voice and campy look (comprised of shocking-pink hair and sci-fi outfits capped off with Plexiglass bras) combined with the group's synth-driven songs to make them naturals for heavy rotation.
Later in 1982, the group issued its first full-length album, Spring Session M (an anagram of their name), which launched the underground smash "Walking in L.A."
After 1984's Rhyme and Reason notched only a minor hit with the single "Give", Missing Persons enlisted Chic's Bernard Edwards to produce 1986's dance-pop effort Color in Your Life. the album stiffed, however, and both the band and the Bozzios themselves broke up. While Dale Bozzio issued one solo album on Prince's Paisley Park label, Terry Bozzio went on to work with Jeff Beck; Cuccurullo, meanwhile, joined Duran Duran, O'Hearn recorded several instrumental New Age albums, and Wild composed music for films and television.
TODAY : Dale Bozzio ( Lead Singer and Founding member ) continues to tour the states with her new line up of Missing Persons. Performing his Greatest Hits for audience's around the world " Destination Unknown, Words, Here & Now, Give, Walking In L.A., I Can't Think About Dancin, Windows.
Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow
Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow
Gene Loves Jezebel
Gene Loves Jezebel
Michael Aston, born August 22, 1964, is the founder and current leader of Gene Loves Jezebel.

In 1989 he left Gene Loves Jezebel due to his unhappiness with the direction of the band and strained relations with his twin brother, Jay.

Moving to California, Michael started The Immigrants which eventually became Edith Grove. Edith Grove released ?.

Michael reformed Gene Loves Jezebel instead of writing and recording a new Edith Grove album; the band's debut album was its only album.

Between 1993 and 1997 Michael and Jay were working together on various projects and recordings, including an album that would eventually become VII.

Both brothers did a reunion tour from February 1997 to October 1997 as Gene Loves Jezebel, however that ended with the recording and subsequent tour for VII. Another bitter falling out ensued. According to Michael, he refused to be pushed out of the band after all of the work he had put into the reunion and reformed GLJ with the backing band used on the first '97 Pre-Raphaelite Brothers tour. This caused much confusion amongst the fans as to who had the rights to the band name.

Jay sued Michael to stop him from using Gene Loves Jezebel. Judge O'Brien in LA Superior Court denied twice the injunctions intended to stop Michael from using the Gene Loves Jezebel name.

Jay withdrew the case with prejudice meaning that he could never sue Michael again. Jay released VII in 1998. Jay erased all of Michael's vocals and credits off the album however, a copy of this album with Michael's vocals was released as The Doghouse Sessions.

Michael owns the exclusive rights to Gene Loves Jezebel in the US and continues to perform and release new material as Gene Loves jezebel throughout the world. The exception being the UK where Michael will perform and release material as Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel.

In September, 2002, ICANN awarded Michael the www.genelovesjezebel.com domain name.

Gene Loves Jezebel if nothing else, might well be the most fascinating, grossly underated and endearing duo that popular music has ever thrown.

Gene Loves Jezebel is now as it was in the beginning, lead by Michael Aston and a return to challenging themes and artistic vision... as illustrated by Exploding Girls
The female voice of the original recording of "Living On Video" is Laurie Ann Gill, born 18.07.1964 in Montreal.
She was never credited on a Trans-X release.

1987-1990 Pascal's wife Denise, aka Lady D (3) from Los Angeles did most of the TV shows.

In 1994, Pascal settled in Barcelona, Spain and meet Lali, a Catalan girl, who did all Trans-X shows from 1994-2008.

In 2006, Cerstin "Cessy" Strecker was hired to record the voice on the 2006 ZYX release of Living On Video and never performed live with the group.

Since 2008 and actual Trans-X girl and vocalist on the new Trans-X album is Corina Lawrence, an Argentinian girl.
DJ Omar (Popscene)
DJ Omar (Popscene)
Recently DJing opening sets for La Roux, Danger, DJ Omar of Popscene fame has been keeping San Francisco on its dancing feet for the past decade. A DJ with an eclectic array of musical tastes and cultures, there's no predicting what comes next — anything from disco electro to goth. Taking time from a jam-packed week of bookings, Omar gives SF Station some insight on his successful DJ career.
Venue Information:
The Great Northern
119 Utah St.
San Francisco, CA, 94103