We are San Francisco’s most intimate live venue for live music. The Red Devil Lounge is proud of our  diverse line up of acts in our 16 years. Open for special events, performances and private parties, the Red Devil hosts big shows in our little lounge. Cozy seating on two levels in our dark lounge provides the perfect setting to see a show from an old favorite or to discover a new band who energizes and excites you.

We keep it eclectic, as you can tell from our proud history: from hip-hop innovators KRS-One, Guru and Mos Def to electronica trailblazers such a Thomas Dolby & The Human League to punk rock in the way of Agent Orange, Sham 69, & Exene Cervenka.
Both current stars like Jason Mraz & Train and vintage rock n rollers Bill Haley’s Original Comets & The Yardbirds have graced our small stage, not to mention surprise performances from George Clinton & Bob Weir and indy tastemakers The Lovemakers, Nneka, Persephone’s Bees, Citizen Cope and Zoe. Yeah, we said it. Diverse.

Always a dark, cozy and intimate atmosphere, we welcome you to come and enjoy live music with us.  All in the most intimate of settings. As we like to say: Little lounge. Big shows.

General schedule:
Mondays: ‘The Devil Made Me View It’ – Free movie night  6p – 1:45a. 
Come down to the Red Devil on our weekly free movie Mondays, or as well call it ‘The Devil Made Me View It’. We select films to air based on our patrons voting on Facebook. It’s their call. We pop the film up on the two flat screens above the bar at 8p. Bring some food, we’ve got the drinks. A fun and chill Monday night.

Tuesdays: Open Mic 6p – 1:45a. 
San Francisco’s best open mic, if we do say so ourselves, takes place every Tuesday at the Red Devil Lounge. Hosted by KC Turner – everyone is welcome to perform two songs. The open mic community that has developed here is supportive, diverse and welcoming of new comers. Bring your instrument and get our our stage with amazing stage lighting and sound. All performances are recorded for you to download later. Sign ups begin at 7p. More information here.

Wednesdays:  6p – 1:45a. Band times on calendar.
Thursdays: 6p – 1:45a. Band times on calendar.
Fridays: 6p – 1:45a. Band times on calendar.
Saturdays: 6p – 1:45a. Band times on calendar.
SUN: Closed


NEW: Wi-fi is available for customers. Ask your bartender for the password!

“A slice of heaven awaits on Polk Street and the dark and sexy Red Devil Lounge, one of the quirkier live music venues in The City, catering to music lovers who like their shows intimate.” – Spin Magazine

Now for a brief and sexy Q+A

What age do you have to be to enter the Red Devil Lounge?
A. 21. Sorry, kids. I know its a bummer. And we check ideas like crazy. Even if you are really, really old.

What are your hours?
A. We generally open 6p – 1:45a every day except Sunday, which is closed except for special events. Come on down and enjoy a wide variety of drinks after work. Happy hour is now at the Red Devil Lounge!

Where should I park?
A.  Parking on Polk Street can be a little tricky, but there a garage conveniently located one block south of us on California St between Polk and Van Ness. We encourage cabs, public transpo, walking here when you can.

How do I get advance tickets to a show?
A. We sell tickets in advance through Ticketfly. You can also purchase tickets at the door on the night of the show. Please note we do not hold any box office hours. You can also purchase tickets over the phone at 1-800-877-4-FLY-TIX.

What are the VIP accommodations there?
A. Thanks for asking! We offer various packages on tickets to special events here. You can skip the line, reserve one of our tables in the mezzanine or a cozy booth downstairs, and save some dough on ticketing fees if you e-mail us at reddevilbooking@me.com and let us know what show you wish to see. We also offer larger VIP packages where you can rent the entire mezzanine section of the club with a group of friends (up to 60 people). Pricing varies per event.

What’s the dress code?
A. Come on. We aren’t a dress code type place. Some folks dress up, some dress down. Consider us open minded to your clothing selections.

How do I book my band at the Red Devil?
A. Booking inquiries can be sent to the ‘contact’ page on this site. As a general rule, we book bands with a preexisting history in SF and a proven track record of strong shows. We aren’t a ‘bar’ where everyone shows up no matter what. We are event driven by the promoters, bands and people who throw parties here. 

Why is it called the Red Devil Lounge? Do you worship Satan?
A. No. Well, most of us don’t. 

Are you a goth club?
A. No! But we’d love to have Siouxsie and the Banshees play here, so if you are her manager, call us. Also: Bauhaus.

Do you serve food?
A. Right now, we only serve food on Tuesdays, when the delicious Bahn Mi Love You Long Time comes in to cook up delicious sandwiches which sell out each time. Tuesdays are also our weekly awesome Open Mic, hosted by KC Turner. Come on down at 7p and join us for this fun evening.

I have a metal band from Modesto. Can we play there?
A. No.

Come on, we rock. Please?
A. No!